Your Brain on Safety

The brain resists change at all costs. It looks for the familiar and the safe. When it senses danger, its fight or flight instinct kicks in, even if that perceived danger is simply a new org chart or reporting structure.

Fortunately, you can prepare people for change and increase productivity and adoption. It starts with creating a brain-safe, or NeuroSafe, environment.

When people (and their brains) feel safe, they’re at their best, thinking innovatively and working strategically.
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Your Brain on Goals

Create goals your brain loves! This ground-breaking course takes you through a simple process for creating goals that motivate goal focus and achievement.

It’s a practical, research-based experience that generates a clarity of vision and the optimum brain chemistry for success. Populate and share your Goals Action Plan and get into inspired action!

Your Brain on Productivity

Understand what your brain needs to be more focused and productive. Are you noticing the effort and time it takes to reflect, make good decisions, come up with answers and think under pressure.

There’s a solution. This short course will help you get into your Performance Sweet Spot – and stay there. It’s not rocket science. It’s neuroscience.

Your Brain on Conversations

Engage others in innovative and productive conversations with these game-changing skills.