Set Goals Your Brain Loves

Fire up your brain with goals you’ll focus on achieving.

We know more about successful goal achievement than ever before. Your Brain on Goals™ is an online course based on research into how your brain responds to different types of goals. If you are still just setting SMART goals, ramp up the volume to create powerful goals that your brain loves through this engaging experience that gives your brain what it needs to focus and take action, every day.

Your Brain on Goals™ Online Course

Improve work performance and job satisfaction with this practical goal-setting process. It will change the way you think about and work towards truly meaningful goals and objectives. Discover how to tap into what motivates you and leverage insights to write your goals in ways that emotionally connect you to your desired results. This five-module course*, each module approximately 8 mins long, can be used to set new goals or refine existing ones. Also an excellent addition to coaching and talent development programs.

A simple template captures thoughts and insights, to build a Goals Roadmap for daily visual reminders of your desired results. Revisit the course every time you want to set or improve professional or personal goals.

Modules include:

Module 1:

The Science – Discover how your brain responds to different goals.

Module 3:

Chemistry of Emotion – Optimize goal clarity and focus.

Module 5:

Ready, Set, Goal! – Start working toward goal achievement.

Module 2:

Maximize Motivation – Understand what intrinsically motivates you.

Module 4:

Sustain Your Success – Create your Goals Roadmap.

*Individual course access for 12 months from date of purchase.


Join the movement and make a difference as a leader with practical – and powerful – brain-based skills!.