You have a 100,000 year old business transformation problem.

The fundamental and recurring adversary of
business transformation is the brain.

Noesis delivers neuroleadership consulting and training to organizations handling major change and transformation initiatives. We help our Fortune 500 clients permanently and scientifically improve leadership.

This was awesome! My whole team could benefit from this course. As PMs building multiple projects in a year, they all have opportunities for critical conversations multiple times throughout the year and this would up their game.

Business Leader, Canada

Lead with (brain) science

Competitive advantages are shifting, or evolving past positioning/capital/technology toward leadership/team/culture. The challenge is that there are few credible sources for true leadership development.

Neuroleadership, however, allows organizations to deliver leadership development assets that are proven to work by science.

Businesses-in-Transformation Need Science

Neuroscience for Organizations

When an organization takes on a business transformation or major change initiative, it needs to inspire and unite the workforce if the change is to be successful. Brains want to belong, and they want to know where they’re going and how to get there safely. Neuroleadership paves the way.

Neuroscience for Teams

Teams work well when brains work well. When teams understand the needs of the brain – theirs and other’s – they can operate more successfully when the pressure is on.

Neuroscience for Leaders

Business units take their behavioral cues from their leaders. That means that the quality of a change endeavor will emanate from the approach, perspective and behavior of each leader. Equipping leaders to use applied neuroscience will help them activate the best of their teams during some of the toughest changes.

Neuroscience of Change

The brain doesn’t like change, but the intelligent application of neuroscience can help leaders and team members alike take on change in a powerful, resourceful and innovative way.

Want a Team That Hums?

Working well together is the key to change adoption, sustainable productivity and ongoing innovation. Your team can do it better – guaranteed.

Speaking for the Brain

There’s a lot to be said for the brain and its role in the midst of change and transformation initiatives; maybe that’s why we’re asked to speak at so many keynotes and break-out sessions. We know how to engage a room full of brains, bringing science, humor and inspiration.

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I’ve found these sessions incredibly helpful, both professionally and personally. It’s helped me in ways I never anticipated.

Vice President, Insurance Industry