Psychological safety

is the new talent operating system for every workplace. Inclusive leaders create safety for all employees by taking care of 6 core needs that every human has.

Are you creating goals your brain loves?

If not, why not?

We reskill talent for the new digital world

Help leaders foster innovation and collaboration and integrate into the organizational culture. Discover communication that help people connect and feel safe.

Psychological safety will engage your team and increase performance.

Imagine a workplace where people feel safe and connected and all brains are engaged, focused and highly productive. It can happen.

Our Promise

For more than a decade, Noesis has specialized in the neuroscience of human performance. We have developed and delivered programs to 1000’s of leaders. These programs have optimized talent effectiveness and helped people at all levels of the organization think through change and deliver better business results.

In fact, we did this so well, that PwC Canada acquired the Noesis online courseware, leadership programing and assessments, so they can be evolved and provided to clients at greater scale. Read all about the change in our June 17th announcement.

Noesis Hemispheres


Brain based talent development designed to connect and optimize your diverse and dispersed workforce. Blended learning using elearning and instructor led training. This is intelligent micro-learning technology, designed with the brain in mind. Invest in learning that sticks.

What We’re Thinking

Reimagining goals:  Be present

Reimagining goals: Be present

Last month we focused on the importance of pictures to our brain when setting inspirational goals for the year ahead. Today we look at the third P:...

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Future focused and innovative companies are already investing in the longer play by reskilling their leaders now. Your people want to work where they feel connected, inspired, valued and safe – whether you are a not-for-profit or Fortune 100 company. If you require your workforce to make changes that improve business results while elevating employee and customer experience, let us help you unleash high performance. These companies did.

Morgan Stanley
Canada Life
Husky Oil

Thought Leadership

Clear, practical, research-based information you can use immediately. Spur innovation, ramp-up productivity and improve engagement.

Cave Drawings representing 100,000 year old business trabsformation problems.

Your Business Transformation Problem is 100,000 Years Old

Stop triggering their ancient brains when you need modern-day change.
Paper cutout symbolising team changing under one condition

Desired Disruption in Six Ways

Make it safe enough for them to rewire, rethink, reimagine.

Transformation is Possible - Under One Condition

Lessen the pain to increase innovation and adoption.