Brain-based Leadership Development

We provide clear, actionable and relevant research-based programs for leading others through ever-changing times. Activate growth at the individual, team and organizational levels. It’s not rocket science. It’s neuroscience.

The brain learns through experience and insight. All of our online courses are engaging, relevant, easy to digest and promote immediate new skill uptake.

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Your Brain on Safety

Discover the brain’s six core conditions for optimum high performance.

This highly experiential and practical half-day, face-to-face learning experience is a compelling introduction to the neuroscience of leadership. Learn the six core conditions for NeuroSafety and how to immediately establish an optimum climate of trust and collaboration. Understand what the brain needs to perform at its best while discovering recent brain facts and useful communication approaches to transform workplace productivity and engagement. This workshop allows for real practice, small group work and break-out sessions.

Your Brain on Conversations

Develop powerful coaching and mentoring conversation skills.

Learn game-changing workplace conversation skills in this two-day equivalent face-to-face learning experience. Leaders work through helping each other resolve real challenges in this workshop, which allows for practice, small group work and break-out sessions. Facilitate new thinking in others through efficient, solution-focused conversations. Speak and listen with the brain in mind and ask questions that stimulate insight and an openness to change. An excellent conversation approach for managing and unifying teams at all levels.

Your Brain on Change

Revolutionize the way you lead through change and ambiguity.

Enhance your own and others’ ability and willingness to think through change. Discover what research now tells us is the only way to move others through the change process. This practical skills-based process will increase buy-in and innovation by discovering the brain’s very specific needs during change. Increase trust and commitment to the change process. Encourage information sharing and dissolve resistance and ‘silo’ thinking. This working session takes a direct application approach to planning for and thinking through the phases of leading and communicating through change no matter the scope and scale. Our three-pronged brain-based model enables simple and impactful change adoption.


SAFETY Culture Assessment

Get an accurate, practical assessment of current workplace culture.

An excellent first step in accelerating enterprise productivity. The Noesis Culture Assessment reveals the extent to which the workplace gives everyone’s brain what it needs to be engaged and productive. It identifies specific strengths and deficits and the specific behaviors required to recalibrate and optimize everyday employee experiences for maximum productivity. A comprehensive report outlines a path forward for how to specifically create a culture that gets brains firing on all neurons.

SAFETY Leader 360

Understand the impact you have on those you lead and interact with.

This revolutionary research-based 360° assessment tool will help leaders across a number of neuroleadership dimensions. The online tool features 40 statements that align with core leadership behaviors that foster the required conditions and experiences for optimum human engagement and performance. In the 360 debrief session, leaders are prompted to leverage strengths and take action on very specific areas for development to accelerate leadership improvement.

SAFETY Self-Assessment

Unveil the specific impact you have on those around you and tools for change.

This self-assessment provides individuals with a compelling and powerful lens on how and why they respond to various daily interactions and situations. This understanding enables them to manage their need for NeuroSafety across each of the six core conditions. A comprehensive report outlines the impact those experiences has on their effectiveness, and ways to remedy each. The report is easy to interpret, and the recommendations, easy to apply. This newfound self-awareness enables individuals to immediately enhance their performance.

Executive Coaching

Promote accelerated learning for leaders looking to dramatically enhance effectiveness.

The Noesis brain-based coaching approach focuses on helping leaders gain new insights and commit to action that aligns with achievement of desired results. Clear and compelling goals are set and progress measured. Coaching sessions are 60 or 90 minutes long and use video or teleconference platforms. This experience is a powerful positive disrupter for those wanting to recalibrate daily personal and professional performance.

Benefits include:

  • Increased focus on key strategic goals
  • Greater clarity and influence during change
  • Increased capacity to think clearly and creatively problem solve
  • Ability to better manage stress and navigate complexity
  • Improved ability to build trust and relationships.

Speaking Engagements

There’s a lot to be said for the brain and the many ways we can work with it, rather than against it. Maybe that’s why we’re asked to speak at so many keynotes and break-out sessions. We know how to engage a room full of brains, bringing science, humor and inspiration. Especially in the midst of change and transformation initiatives – the field of neuroleadership offers essential tools and knowledge for leaders and their teams.

Send us a quick note if you’re interested in having us speak to the brains that matter.