“In this new decade, everyone needs to be a leader who actively engages their people… To promote employee engagement, the first obvious step is training and coaching managers in how to apply behaviors that unlock emotional commitment.” – Forbes , ‘Top 5 Leadership Development Trends For 2020’ .

Experience content that inspires. Tools that really work. Learning that sticks. It’s not rocket science. It’s neuroscience.

Our learning solutions for High Performing Cultures, High Performing Teams and High Performing People, are designed to equip leaders with knowledge and skills in ways the brain prefers. Social cognitive neuroscientists have shown that we learn best when content is relevant, practical, emotionally compelling and learned over time.

How we work with you

We partner with clients going through immense change, to provide individual and enterprise-wide learning solutions. We deliver practical and scalable learning, customized to your needs. Fast access and available to all employees.



Safety Culture Assessment

Measure how well your workplace provides what people’s brains need to accelerate productivity and engagement and how to change it. Includes a practical path for engaging leaders and Talent professionals to create a culture that gets brains firing on all neurons.

SAFETY Leader 360

This revolutionary research based 360° assessment tool helps leaders understand how well they create a psychologically safe workplace. The online tool measures core leadership behaviors that foster optimum human performance. Our Leader Application Guide fosters immediate application of insights.



Your Brain on Safety™

A powerful introduction to the neuroscience of high performance. Discover the brain’s six core conditions for psychological safety and optimum collaboration in this face-to-face or hybrid learning experience. Maximize engagement and shared understanding using practical communication tools and a common language for understanding so everyone feels safe and engaged.

Your Brain on Conversations

Coaching and mentoring are critical leadership skills. Our brain needs to feel safe during interactions before we can focus, share ideas and innovate. Learn how to hold conversations in a whole new way to motivate others to change behavior and take action. This game changing workplace conversation training brings a research-based approach to facilitating new thinking in others and creating accountability through efficient and powerful interactions.

Your Brain on Change

Revolutionize the way you lead through change and ambiguity. Increase buy-in and commitment to thinking differently. Increase trust and information sharing. Dissolve resistance and ‘silo’ thinking. This working session takes a direct application approach to planning for and thinking through the key ways and phases of leading and communicating through change no matter the scope and scale.
Online Courses

Online Courses

Your Brain on Safety™

A fast and engaging way to learn and apply new communication approaches for leaders and their teams. Discover the six core conditions for psychological safety and establish an optimum climate of trust and collaboration in seven short modules. Includes videos, learning activities, tip sheets and an action plan.

Your Brain on Goals™

Create goals your brain loves! This ground-breaking course takes you through a simple process for creating goals that generates action and achievement. This is a practical, research-based experience that generates clarity of vision and the optimum brain chemistry for success. Build new goals or improve existing ones so they align to core values and intrinsic motivation.

Your Brain on Productivity™

Reduce the effort and time it takes to reflect, make good decisions and think under pressure. Discover what your brain needs to be more focused and productive each day. This short course helps you get into your Performance Sweet Spot – and stay there. Benefit from greater reflection and less negative reactions to daily stressors. Includes a mindfulness exercise.


One-on-one Leadership Coaching

The Noesis brain based coaching approach promotes highly accelerated learning and goal achievement for leaders looking to dramatically enhance daily effectiveness and leadership capability. All coaching is virtual with measurable outcomes. Priority is on helping leaders have new insights and commit to action that aligns with achievement of desired results. Key focus is the strengthening of social and emotional intelligence and leading teams through change and complexity.

Noesis Learning Technology

Our integrated learning system emphasises process and practice to maximize knowledge retention and skill utilization.

  • Process: short, compelling learning experiences for optimum participation and personal insight. that can be applied immediately and embedded over time.
  • Practice: simple and practical application tools for all employees to start using what they’ve learned immediately.

Join the learning revolution. Our learning system works with the brain to build new pathways for new thinking and behaviours