What We Do

Noesis is the only training and consulting firm of its kind that helps companies handling change initiatives and business transformation projects to be better than they thought possible, by translating neuroscience into practical leadership and team behaviours.

Information overload, complex problems and new challenges are everywhere, and especially intense during transformation undertakings. Noesis provides clear, actionable and relevant programs that activate change and growth at the individual, team and organizational levels. Our knowledge and passion for the field inspires workforces in multiple industries, bringing out the best thinking of everyone involved.

“All of imagination – everything that we think, we feel, we sense – comes through the human brain. And once we create new patterns in this brain, once we shape the brain in a new way, it never returns to its original shape.”  Jay S. Walker

Neuroscience for Leaders

Neuroleadership applies brain science to transform and amplify leadership potential and prowess. The science is becoming the talent development philosophy of choice for organizations looking for tomorrow’s productivity intelligence, today.

Our science-based Leader Profiling and assessment tools dramatically transform an organization’s ability to influence and motivate its workforce. It will immediately benefit by applying new insights from neuroscience, and from the practical application of new approaches. Our programs help:

• Develop the effectiveness of leaders, whatever their level or ability, through an accelerated skill-development pathway to desired impact and behaviour change.
• Build leaders’ confidence in holding others accountable to learn, reflect and excel.
• Fully develop and leverage your leader’s potential: Leading Self, Leading Others, Leading Teams, and Leading Change
• Harness and build upon a leader’s inherent strengths by establishing a sustainable growth plan that is both professionally and personally meaningful.

Let us show you how our individualized programing gets people to think for themselves and take action based on their new thinking. It’s all about getting leaders to think outside the box, encouraging others to do the same. Send us just one person… and let them show you… the resulting benefits of leading with the brain in mind.

Neuroscience for Teams

Science is finally revealing the core nature and needs of our social brains, and the research allows us to generate useful models for understanding and enhancing the true dynamics of collaboration and engagement.

At Noesis, we take this knowledge and help you build extraordinary teams – especially during challenging change periods. Our team development programming is dynamic, relevant, engaging and highly generative.

Employees quickly embrace the concepts, practice the new skills and deliver the results so that both individuals and organizations reap the benefits.

Our Assess-Train-Coach approach helps teams unite in ways you probably thought weren’t likely, if not impossible. We do this differently than most, by teaching how the brain is actually behaving, what it needs and how to interact with it successfully. Recalibrated teams draw on their new found collective wisdom and agility to move forward.

Leaders learn to support these teams further, provide powerful guidance, focus and purpose – nurturing and coaching the team to be continually successful. Team members will feel connected to the team’s purpose, the organization, and to each other.

My performance feedback conversations will be very different this year.

Business Leader, Canada

Neuroscience of Change

It takes transformational learning and cognitive strength for leaders to leverage the chaos of change and harness the energy into collaborative success.

The flaw in most change programs is that they provide overly simplistic practices, without addressing the cause of most change-related problems early on. Our specialty is creating behavior change that sticks.

The brain doesn’t want to change unless some very specific needs are addressed. With the influence of new brain-science you can quickly address those needs, create the social ground conditions for change, and navigate the complexity and uncertainty of change more successfully. Our Neuroscience of Change programs give you, your team and your organization the ability to change better than your contemporaries, and certainly better than your competitors.

Neuroscience for Organizations

Brains that don’t change = an organization that fails.

Neuroscience for OrganizationsThrough the judicious application of neuroscience, we can support your organization to identify and evolve your culture and systems to directly facilitate the desired goals and business results. This includes building solid leadership bench strength and weaving in an operating system of policies and procedures that give people what they need to excel. We can help you build and implement a plan that inspires and unites your workforce to achieve your company vision.

An excellent first step in accelerating productivity and engagement is to get an accurate assessment of current culture. The Noesis Culture Assessment™ is intelligent and practical. It reveals the extent to which the workplace does and doesn’t give everyone’s brain what they need to be successful. It also provides a practical path for how to create a culture that gets brains firing on all neurons.

I count it a privilege to be a part of these learning days and look forward to escalated personal and leadership growth.

CEO, Non-Profit Organization