Who We Are

When Fortune 500 companies take on a major change initiative, it can produce some of the most gut-wrenching experiences in the business; but it can also create defining moments for an organization. Noesis exists to help companies-in-transformation with applied neuroleadership.

Founded in 2009, Noesis is the only training and consulting firm of its kind that helps leaders and companies translate neuroscience into practical leadership behaviours. We respond directly to the fundamental obstacles of transformation, which are largely 100,000 year old reflexes of the brain.

Through well-designed and widely implemented training programs, business leaders and their teams can respond to change initiatives with clarity, insight and resilience, rather than risking their transformation projects to instinctive responses that don’t serve the organization.

Meet our Founders

Wendi Meyer, MSc, EMNL
Partner + Chief Executive Officer

Wendi brings more than 20 years of business experience across multiple industries, as well as a Master of Science in the Neuroscience of Leadership with a specialization in examining how well organizational culture provides what brains need for high performance, and the contribution leaders make to culture. 

She has worked with the “who’s who” of the energy and communication sectors and is 100% engaging at the front of a room. She’s an internationally certified professional coach, as well as a corporate and university-based educator.

Living in Calgary, Canada and Swaziland, Africa, Wendi brings a real understanding of how to use diversity of thought and culture as an asset, not an obstacle.

Jane Moran, EMNL
RPCC, B.A.Com.
Partner + Chief Learning Officer

A British Australian turned Calgarian, Jane’s passion for the science of learning is immediately apparent. She brings brain-based learning to groups in a way that’s easy to understand, and immediately applicable.

With an Executive Masters Degree in NeuroLeadership and 15 years specializing in the field, Jane is a Learning Curriculum Architect, Leadership Coach and Corporate Facilitator with a repertoire of insights, approaches, and content that shift au­diences into action. She’s proven that expertise repeatedly with corporate clients in Canada, Australia, England and Asia.

A runner, cyclist and one who enjoys the outdoor life with her two hockey-crazed sons, she knows how to connect with clients that choose to engage.


Meet our Team

Joann Paton, B.Com, MA
Senior Strategic

Joann is a social scientist and critical thinker who creates results based on a unifying passion: tapping into the potential of people to lead themselves and their teams.

With more than 20 years of human resources leadership experience in various industries, Joann appreciates the opportunities, challenges, constraints and frustrations that HR leaders face every day. She has centered her entire career on the simple and concrete premise that enabling people to grow, develop and apply their learnings will drive business results.

A strong systems thinker, Joann knows that to be successful, organizations need to manage the paradox of company wants and individual needs. She holds an MA in Leadership.



Lynne Koziey, MBA
Marketing Communications

Lynne loves nothing more than writing and has spent her career doing so for a broad range of publications and clients, both in Canada and overseas.

She learned how to research, edit and tell a good story as a print journalist, honed her ability to connect and persuade as a communications and marketing professional, embraced the world of e-commerce as an entrepreneur and content creator/strategist, and advised businesses, non-profit organizations and educational institutions as a communications consultant.

Lynne is a fact-lover and experience-seeker who thrives on learning new things – from neuroscience to tennis. She holds an Executive MBA in Management Consulting.

This transformed the way I lead others and build high performance teams.

Energy Sector Leader

Truly one of the most insightful and impactful (and usable) trainings I have attended.

Business Leader, US