Keep Your Brain Alive – Lawrence C. Katz, Ph. D. & Manning Rubin.

Here is a little book with big ideas and fun and interesting ways to wake up your brain and stimulate new wiring.  Simple suggestions that aren’t as easy as they seem – all aiming to stimulate the senses, grow new neural pathways and get us to realize just how hard-wired we all become – unless we shake things up a little!  An excellent resource for team building, learning programs and the home.

Coaching with the Brain in Mind – David Rock & Linda Page Ph. D. 

This book is fabulous resource that explores and brings together the various disciplines on which coaching has been founded, and continues to play an interdependent role with.   A great resource for the student or anyone looking to make the transition into coaching as a profession, and to understand the foundations and related models and theories that have led to coaching as a discipline today.

Change Your Brain Change your Life – Daniel G. Amen, M.D.

Amen shares interesting and informative examples of patients with various common illnesses and how their brains recovered and/or adapted to achieve wellness or advances, in response to new or unexpected approaches and therapy.  He also shared useful tips on how to maximize brain function and change bad habits.  Extremely valuable and insightful reading.

My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist’s Personal Journey – Jill Bolte Taylor  

This is an autobiographical journey of what happens when someone has a stroke, written by a scientist who had a stroke herself, and has since then fully recovered and continued on with her life.  Amazing in what this book actually achieves:  the reader gets to experience, and learn about, what it feels like to have a stroke, and to recover in the various stages. There is a similarly powerful video clip of the author, discussing the book, available on the internet.

Spark:  The Revolutionary Science of Exercise and the Brain – John Ratey

Every parent, teacher, student, CEO, entrepreneur, leader should read this book.  It’s a story about how a group of PhysEd teachers and scientists got together and transformed human potential .  They proved that when you begin the journey of fitness the rush of blood to the prefrontal cortex , the decision making part of our brains, yields significant transformational results.  The results  are visible in increased confidence and grade point of average of a high school student  and in the ability of a CEO to make better more ethical decisions under stress. When the body is healthy the mind is healthy.

The Intuitive Way; Definitive Guide to increasing your Awareness – Penney Peirce

Active intuition is a muscle that you can and should develop. Penney Piece shows you how information is processed through your brain, and ways to maximize this advantage when increasing your intuition. She gives you tools and exercises to harness your insights by using your active intuition and gives compelling reasons on why it is important to trust the power of your imagination.