Your Brain at Work – David Rock

If you want to learn how to get the most out of your day, by working with what your brain needs, then this book is for you.  Rock shares key science and practical examples of ways we can restructure our day – at work, in the car, in the home – so that we maintain our ability to think effectively. You will need to highlight, read it again, and add sticky notes throughout – because it is so very full of useful and interesting tips and tools!

Stumbling Upon Happiness – Daniel Gilbert

This book explores what makes us happy, and why we so poorly predict what will make us happy in the future. Gilbert brings some science to our often misguided attempts to plan and estimate what we need, and what the experience will be like, based on our experiences of today.  It is an entertaining read and gets us rethinking the reasons we move through life the way we do, and gives us new insights into how the brain imagines the things it does, on a daily basis.  Very thought provoking!