The Mind and the Brain – Jeffrey Schwartz

This book is very thorough and informative in its coverage of latest findings about how the brain changes in response to the things we focus on.  Valuable to students in the field, and to those serious about understanding the physiology and possibilities that self-directed learning and neuroplasticity us as human beings.

The Users Guide to the Brain – John Ratey

This book cleverly and accessibly brings useful understanding about the role our brain plays in our key functions and experiences. Organized in user-friendly chapters e.g. Movement, Memory, Emotion and Language, Ratey explains, through the stories of others, how our brain shapes who we are, and provides invaluable insight as to how we can optimize brain functioning and wellbeing.

Your Brain: A User’s Guide – Time Magazine

This is something you will pick up again and again. Well thought-out articles illustrated in beautiful colour introduce the reader to new findings and theories that will stimulate and motivate anyone contemplating delving into this field of social cognitive neuroscience and its mammoth implications.  Something in here for the whole family.