Our first ENGAGE workshop was a tremendous experience, so much so that we’ve agreed to hold another one on December 14!

We had a full room, a few surprises, much laughter –  and many insights shared.  Thanks to everyone for joining us and providing feedback and ideas for enhancing our December ENGAGE session.

One of several key principles shared in the workshop, is the scientific finding that people need a certain amount of autonomy before buying in to change.

This means we need to have an experience of having choice, input and a voice in change or decision-making process before mentally and emotionally engaging usefully in it.  Critical to note is that it is the ‘perception’ of autonomy that is so critical.  Perception is reality – to our brain. Obviously this has massive implications for organizations leading change and seeking to align the workforce into a desired strategy. As one participant in last week’s workshop shared “I felt validated in the way I think; will delve deeper in the science discussed today. Will share with my leader and team and will be more cognitive both at work and at home.” 

Registration details for the next ENGAGE workshop