CAST:  Being the best you can be.

Looking for dynamic executive development and coaching that really makes a difference?

The NOESIS approach to individual leader development utilizes an intensive one-on-one and personalized experience over 6 – 9 months to embed desired competencies and behaviors conducive to leadership excellence – with a focus on self management and powerful interaction skills.

This science-based coaching methodology utilized by NOESIS practitioners is impactful in two key ways:

QUESTIONS:   A focus on facilitating new thinking and insights – the brain-based coaching methodology maximizes a leader’s motivation to adopt new behaviors and skills and deeply personalizes the incorporation of new competencies into every-day workplace and personal situations.

CONTENT:   Inclusion of proven practical brain-based models and content strengthen social intelligence, emotional regulation and the ability to engage both self and others.  The leader is held accountable to ongoing and focused practice of new skills and to an accelarated progress toward desired stretch goals.

Space is limited.  Registration opens January 1 2013.