CASTING call to Calgary leaders.

Every spring Wendi and I have the pleasure of working with a new group of leaders who want to develop some new muscle, and master the hard science behind impactful soft skills.   What’s the recipe? We carefully take these triple-booked busy folk, who are typically looking for inspiration, renewed energy and some personal coaching support and slowly but surely (at room temperature) for three months, transform their cortisol-marinated brain into one that is better able to reflect, make decisions, be socially intelligent, engage their teams, and importantly go home with enough ‘happy juice’ left in their tank to wrestle with the kids, get some exercise and enjoy their personal life.  And yes – sprinkle all this with a compelling goal around cardiovascular fitness – and everyone in the office will be wanting to know what exactly you’re getting – and where to get some.  Your answer of course will be:

Cognitive Agility & Strength Training (CAST): Performance coaching for leaders.

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