Or maybe a ‘D‘??

Neuroscientists now know why Performance Reviews feel the way they do, often causing distraction, dread and dissatisfaction.   Our brain is a social organ, and the parts we use for decision making, new thinking, focus and emotional intelligence – literally shut down when we are about to receive feedback.  Being ranked against our peers can trigger a rapid ‘threat’ state, experienced as fear, that renders most of us unable to even process information shared in Performance Review conversations, let alone respond intelligently or change behaviours.

And yet our brain is actually doing what it has evolved to do in these situations:  avoid, shut down or run for our lives.  Is there a better way? You bet.  Smart companies are ensuring that their leaders now know how to communicate in a way that makes others feel SAFE.

Simon Sinek does an excellent job of bringing this message home (link below), and we do an excellent job of bringing these skills to leaders.