No – not directly. But it will increase your chances of staying focused, positive, less anxious and more creative during this time of uncertainty. Sound useful? Meditation – just ten minutes per day neuroscientists tell us – is like brain fuel and will literally build new grey matter in the brain. That’s right. Your brain grows, if you meditate. Not much else you can grow during a Calgary winter. And what will it cost you?? Just 10 mins. Every day. Check out the many mindfulness meditation videos on YouTube – and give it a go. No beach, no large tree required. Just 10 minutes of quiet space. I noticed today’s Forbes article lists some recent scientific studies showing short sessions of regular meditation bring benefits like better sleep and concentration and increased likelihood of quitting smoking and managing stress. What’s this got to do with the price of oil?? Well, in a nut shell (your nut shell) becoming more mindful through regular meditation will ramp up your change resiliency and your ability to lead others successfully through change and its associated ambiguity and uncertainty. We bring change leadership skills to many leaders across North America, and increasingly, mindfulness, through quick meditation exercises, is a muscle that leaders are starting to recognize, is in critical need of a workout. Without it, we are likely to find ourselves running on empty. Jane Moran and Wendi Meyer are brain based leadership specialists with Noesis Learning Inc in Calgary.