Love using social media? There’s a scientific reason we want to connect with others.

Research by scientist Matthew Lieberman shows that in moments of rest, our brains are preparing us for social connection – making Facebook and other social media platforms a pleasurable experience for our social-hungry brain.

Next month’s print edition of the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, features Lieberman’s research suggesting our brain has a specific network that fires up in between cognitive tasks, preparing us to focus on the minds of others, or to “see the world through a social lens.”  Wasn’t it our ancestors’ social savvy, their ability to get along in small groups, through desperate winters, war and famine, that enabled our very survival?  Ever likely our brain is now being defined as a ‘social organ’. We just need to learn to use it well!

Leaders can tap this well-evolved brain ‘muscle’ to more effectively motivate and mobilize their people while also experiencing a pleasure rush and cognitive ‘reboot’ in doing so. Yes, that’s right. Double whammy.  Lieberman’s book “Social: Why Our Brains Are Wired to Connect,” provides a fabulous entrè to this field of social cognitive neuroscience, outlining insights and applications for leaders and for living a longer and rewarding life.

Because spreadsheets and swanky offices just don’t do it for most of us…

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