Frustrated by my child’s current fixed mindset about his abilities at school, I consulted my trusty book Mindset by Carol Dweck, and watched her TedTalk before choosing how to address this with him.

Professor Dweck’s decades of research into what motivates learning and achievement vividly points to the benefits of a Growth Mindset as opposed to a Fixed Mindset when teaching and praising children. Most institutions (schools AND the workplace) tend to rank, grade and label ability as if it were a fixed capability, as opposed to praising the process of learning itself.

Within emerging fields such as organizational and social cognitive neuroscience, Professor Dweck’s research findings directly support the current trend away from traditional performance management systems and adoption of a more ‘leader led’ proactive and coaching approach to performance enhancement that gives peoples’ brains what they need to grow and flourish.

And of course with this movement, the word ‘performance’ is getting tossed out also. Now that’s motivating for everyone!

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