With just a few weeks until we enter a new decade, forward-thinking leaders are doing what they can to set themselves – and they’re teams – up for success.

While the bottom line still counts in 2020, more money, time and resources are being dedicated to ensuring employees are engaged, satisfied and continuously learning.

Here are four 2020 workplace trends you can begin to prepare for:

1. Successfully Navigate Change

Rapid workplace change is all around us, whether it’s everyday change found in new roles and technology or major transformations that occur as a result of mergers and acquisitions. Now more than ever we’re living in an age of disruption, and the increasingly critical skillset for leaders is to be able to effectively lead others through the change. These are skills that can be easily learned.

2. Listen to Employees

Seems obvious, right? But as a recent Forbes article titled “The 1 Thing Your Organization Should Do For The Future Of Work” pointed out, sometimes the obvious solution is the last thing we implement.

“Every organization I have spoken with and researched that has implemented new initiatives around everything ranging from HR to training to compensation to perks and benefits, has done so because employees asked for those things.” Are you listening?

3. Make Wellbeing a Priority

We know that happy, satisfied employees perform better. Creating a space where employees feel safe to voice their opinions and views – even if they differ from management’s – are workplaces in which employees perform better. Smart organizations are making Neurosafety™ part of their everyday wellbeing strategy.

4. Upskilling and Training

Employees are looking for opportunities to learn and advance. Providing employees with learning and personal development opportunities is an important way to retain and nurture your top talent and maintain high-performing teams. Learning new skills and working toward meaningful goals has been shown to be hugely motivating to employees.

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