You have a brain for a reason – lots of reasons, actually. But understanding what it is and what it wants is at the guts of effective leadership.

One of the real concerns in business (especially when it comes to change initiatives) is that “conventional leadership wisdom” is typically a blend of mechanical controls, philosophical references, and the x-factor or some sort of charisma trait. None of these are challenges on their own, but when bundled together into a leadership model, they do little to point toward what will actually create the actions that will generate business results. Leaders often come to us asking “Yes that’s all good. But what does leading change actually sound like??”

Neuroleadership takes a different perspective; a scientific one. In simple terms, by addressing the fundamental needs of the brain, a leader can help their team access greater cognitive/thinking resources when they’re needed most. The result: A truly optimized mobilization of the workforce through change.

Think it through. The brain receives input from the nervous system and scans for threats. Change initiatives are essentially pools of fear for the brain: Things to stay the hell away from. They have new social structures (org charts and people), new behavioral patterns (processes and reporting), new tasks that are taxing and onerous (shifted responsibilities that the brain can’t shortcut immediately), and unclear threats to our survival (am I going to have my role change or end in the process?).

It’s extremely taxing to a brain trying to run on only 40 watts a day. But leaders who can recognize the optimal conditions for new thinking and work to sustain them, have the opportunity to lead their teams through transformations that are dramatically more successful than those who don’t. They just have a massive competitive advantage.

The brain wants protection, it wants connection, and it wants to know what actions to take next. It is designed to help you navigate efficiently to safer ground and a leader who can help their team do just that, becomes a leader that delivers compelling futures. Quicker than the rest.