Have you ever looked across the hall at another team and wondered why they’re rocking it but your team is faltering, unravelling, even resisting? Or maybe you’ve wondered why that other company – you know, your competition – has the edge year after year even though it seems like you’re doing the exact same thing?

Their strategic advantage could be yours too. Of course, there are a lot of components to a winning formula but here’s one: a brain-safe, or NeuroSafe, work environment. Ignore it at your peril.

The thing is, organizations have a strategic advantage when their employees are performing optimally. But no one is at their best when they’re scared, confused or anxious. And no one wants to lose when there’s a clear path to victory.

Companies can alter their competitive or strategic advantage by looking inward, by developing through unique competences and innovative capabilities. Specifically, improving employees’ ability to perform under pressure so that they can adapt to new business models and processes, and build knowledge is key.

The brain resists change at all costs. It looks for the familiar and the safe. When it senses danger, its fight or flight instinct kicks in, even if that perceived danger is simply a new org chart or reporting structure.

Fortunately, you can prepare people for change and increase productivity and adoption. When people (and their brains) feel safe, they’re at their best, thinking innovatively and working strategically.

It’s a simple equation: employees + safety = winning. We know what the alternative looks like and it’s not pretty.

So while other leaders try to figure out why their ideas and processes aren’t being adopted, why there’s resistance to change, and why entire teams are failing to deliver, you’ll know why. Welcome to your strategic advantage. You’ve got this.

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