Top leaders know that in the face of change, they need workforce buy-in. However, getting employees to not only adapt but also embrace the new is challenging for most organizations, which is why Fortune 500 companies are replacing traditional change management methods with practices such as neuroleadership to help them evolve mindfully.

Here are three things about neuroleadership that highlight how it’s changing the way leaders, teams and organizations operate.

Neuroleadership is based in science.

Neuroleadership applies methods based in neuroscience to help alter the brain’s responses, permanently and positively transforming the way leaders and teams interact.

“One of the things we say to leaders who are looking for something new in leadership development is that we really take the ‘woo-woo’ out of soft-skills training and bring the hard science behind why we need to be moving through the day in a different way,” says Jane Moran, Noesis Partner and Chief Learning Officer.

Neuroleadership changes the way you think about transformation, change and engagement.

The brain is a survival-based organ that relies heavily on its fight or flight instinct in challenging situations. But given the right information, brains have the ability to alter how they react, moving from a place of fear to one of safety. It’s only then the brain can fully engage and perform optimally.

“It’s reassuring to know that there are tools, supports and approaches we can learn and utilize to help us navigate through change and to be effective,” says Wendi Meyer, Noesis Partner and Chief Executive Officer.

Neuroleadership has a proven track record.

Heavy hitters like Microsoft, the Gap and KPMG have all experienced success in applying neuroleadership to their businesses. In fact, Microsoft has reported a company-wide increase of “clarity, energy and success” in their leadership principles, thanks to neuroleadership. Closer to home, neuroleadership has proven game-changing for Noesis’ own clients, including TC Energy, Sobeys and Liberty Mutual.

Noesis delivers neuroleadership consulting and training to organizations handling major change and transformation initiatives. We help our Fortune 500 clients permanently and scientifically improve leadership.