If you’ve ever Googled “leadership” you’ll know there are countless styles, approaches and philosophies on offer and plenty of advice about how to deliver it – some more concrete than others.

For instance, one leadership consultancy promises to help you “awaken more to the yearnings of your soul.” Huh? At best, that awakens our yearning for an explanation.

If it’s inspiration and guidance you’re looking for, leadership quotes also abound. Like this one: “You have been assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved.”

Awesome! A mountain! Let’s move it! Any ideas how? Anyone? Anyone…?

Or: “You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe. Trust. Let go. And see what happens.” Sounds like the sensible thing to do – except perhaps when your team’s dissolving into chaos.

Or the classic: lead by example. Taken at face value, that advice seems perfectly reasonable. But what if you’ve been coming in early every day for years, working hard and giving it your all and your employees are still checked out or running scared?

Frustrating, right? It’s no wonder leadership development often gets a bad rap as airy-fairy, pie-in-the-sky thinking that can’t be operationalized – there’s no shortage of that kind available.

We prefer facts. Peer-reviewed, scientific research about behavior, why people do what they do, how to improve it, and what conditions the brain needs to perform optimally.

Because wouldn’t you prefer getting the nutrients your body – and brain – need to thrive instead of just chicken soup?

Practical, applicable tools that tell you what to do – right now, today – to make you and your team better performers, communicators and coworkers, handing even the toughest everyday change and organization-wide transformation initiatives.

Because you know what we find inspirational? Results.

Noesis delivers neuroleadership consulting and training to organizations handling everyday change and major transformation initiatives. We help our clients permanently and scientifically improve leadership.