After years of hit-and-miss leadership tactics, smart businesses are turning to science for answers.

And there’s good reason why.

Competitive advantages are shifting and evolving past positioning/capital/technology toward leadership/team/culture. But not all leadership development meets the unique needs of today’s workplaces.

The flaw in most change programs is that they provide overly simplistic practices, without addressing the cause of most change-related problems early on – the brain – and creating behavior change that sticks.

Science is finally revealing the core nature and needs of our social brains, and the research allows us to generate useful models for understanding and enhancing the true dynamics of collaboration and engagement.

Enter Neuroleadership, which applies neuroscience to the areas of leadership development, change management, coaching and consulting.

The Harvard Business Review and Forbes are investing column inches in it, while business schools like MIT Slone and Queens University have added neuroleadership courses to their offerings.

Pioneering organizations like Google, Disney, and Microsoft are also leveraging science to their (continued) advantage, embracing the benefits of Neuroleadership. They join scores of other big-name companies like the Gap, Merck, KPMG, IBM, Sobeys, Liberty Mutual, Total, and even the RCMP, who know a little something about the importance of understanding how the brain behaves.

Because understanding why we do the things we do is just as important and understanding what to do if we expect any kind of lasting, significant behaviour change.

The brain doesn’t like change, but the intelligent application of neuroscience can help leaders and team members alike take on change in a powerful, resourceful and innovative way.

When an organization takes on a business transformation or major change initiative, it needs to inspire and unite the workforce if the change is to be successful. Brains want to belong, and they want to know where they’re going and how to get there safely. Neuroleadership paves the way.

Noesis delivers neuroleadership consulting and training to organizations handling everyday change and major transformation initiatives. We help our clients permanently and scientifically improve leadership.