Targets, intentions, objectives, ambition. Whatever you call it, we spend our lives setting goals. How often we reach them – even at work – is something else entirely.

That’s because successful goal achievement requires much more than simply setting them. First you need to create a clear line of sight. Then you need to take the right actions to build new brain wiring, nudging you closer to the finish line.

That’s where we come in. Our newest online course, Your Brain on Goals™, shows you how to set brain-friendly goals you’ll stick to.

We’ve spent years researching the science behind successful goal setting and our curriculums reflects that research. Giving your brain what it needs to set, plan and meet your goals, scientifically and successfully, is critical. We all know wishful thinking won’t get you very far.

Inspire Action and Achievement

Your Brain on Goals™ is a highly-engaging online course that includes videos, practical tip sheets, quizzes, and a downloadable action plan to help you stay focused on your goals. We also provide certification for successful learning completion.

We show you how to create goals your brain loves while taking you through a simple and insightful process to clarify your vision and connect you deeply to what you want to achieve. There are five modules, each between 10 and 20 minutes long, that will help you build new goals or improve existing ones, so they align with what motivates you. Discover how to write goals in a way your brain remembers, fire up your brain chemistry, and create a Goals Action Plan to get you there.

Achieve Goals Faster

Clever organizations know that teaching employees about their brain helps them achieve goals faster. When employees understand how their brains work – and the chemistry required to sharpen focus and increase engagement in a task – they set about trying to create that high performance state for themselves. Who wouldn’t? Our brains are wired to move toward rewarding experiences.

So you can throw away your SMART framework for goal setting – that’s the old way – and look to neuroscience to reach your goals. We’ll show you how!

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