Accomplished, high-achieving and productive – the buzzwords of success.

But how do you get there when, more often than not, you struggle to just focus, make good decisions and think clearly under pressure?

Recent findings about how our brains work are starting to attract the attention of companies and individuals wanting to improve performance and create the optimum environment for creative thinking and focus.

But despite how critical having the right brain chemistry is on our performance at work, most people are unaware of what their brain needs each day to perform at their best.

Productivity isn’t a skill, it’s a state or capacity, determined by our response to our surroundings and the particular chemistry we generate.

Thanks to social cognitive researchers, we now know what our brain needs to get into what we call a Performance Sweet Spot. You have one. But do you know how to get into it? How long you can focus and be productive depends on many things, including your current experience of stressors, your ability to emotionally regulate and manage distractions, and how you feel about the work you are doing.

In our newest online course, Your Brain on Productivity, we help you identify the extent you’re in your Sweet Spot, what’s bumping you out of it, and ways to get back into it.

The short, four-module course will help you get into your Performance Sweet Spot – and stay there longer. Modules are between 10 and 15 minutes long and will help change the way you move through each day and respond to daily situations, while showing you how to benefit from greater reflection and less negative reactions to daily stressors. A useful and easy meditation exercise is included.

It’s about managing your focus and energy, not your time. It’s not rocket science. It’s neuroscience.

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