Three things we are hearing from our clients about the impact a more virtual working experience is having on their learning and development practices and decisions:

  1. We’ve HAD to change

Being forced into more physically distanced working arrangements has meant all of us have HAD to embrace new technologies and behaviors – fast – to continue interacting, collaborating and learning. It’s been a massive cultural and operational leap forward for many companies.

  1. Rapid evolution

What may have taken internal Talent Development departments the next five years to implement, is now happening in as many months! Our clients are revamping their LMSs, investing in online course development and adopting micro-learning concepts to replace long held, multi-day classroom events.

  1. Research based

This broadscale learning reset gives organizations the opportunity to invest in phenomenally improved ways to optimize reskilling and ongoing employee development. Content developers are tapping into a wealth of research as to what comprises effective virtual learning experiences.

Over the coming weeks we’ll share our own neuroscientific research based tips which informed how we design and deliver learning programs, to maximize knowledge retention and skill utilization for our clients. It requires installing new brain PARTS; new brain hardwiring for thinking and doing differently.  People learn best when the following five components are central to their learning experience:

  • Prime
  • Activate
  • Repeat
  • Time
  • Sustain

When we focus on process and practice in this way, we optimize learning engagement and enable behavior change. Find out more ways to experience this learning revolution via our new website.