In this current blog series we share research based tips on how to get the most out of virtual learning so people can memorize and apply new skills.  Critical, is the installation of new brain PARTS. Quite literally. Let’s look at the T in PARTS:  Learn over time.

Twenty years ago, when I first studied brain-based coaching, the course was ahead of its time, I now realize. We had one virtual call every week – over 12 weeks, with practical homework assignments to complete after every learning session.  So for three months I spent one hour in a virtual learning session, and 6 days after each session, applying what I’d learned. It was an incredibly practical and rewarding learning experience.

Bite sized learning

Fast forward to now, and research continues to show that bite sized learning, with opportunity for specific application of new learning is the best way to hardwire new skills.  We use it, or we lose it.

There are many simple ways to space learning over time.  In last week’s blog, we shared that neuroscientific studies show that sleeping after learning events increases knowledge retention and recall. Just 10 – 20 minutes sleep in between short bursts of learning delivers these learning benefits.  The global pandemic has nudged all of us, willingly or not, into this more efficient and successful way of adopting new skills, by learning over time.

Regular reminders

Our own online curriculum was designed based on these neuroscientific findings.  Modules are short – maybe 12 minutes or so in length. We suggest taking one module per week, with lots of time for applying new knowledge using downloadable tools, after every module. The more we can be using what we’ve learned, the faster our brain builds new neural pathways to hold onto new information and skills.

We send ‘Neuro nudges’ following each course, to every learner. This weekly tap on the shoulder goes to every graduate of our curriculum, reminding them of one simple insight or one simple tip, to try or to use, for 12 months following course completion.

Are your learning programs applying these principles?  Visit our website to see how brain friendly process and practice can maximize recall and new skill application.  Its about time.