In this current blog series we have shared research based tips on how to get the most out of virtual learning so people can memorize and apply new skills.  Critical, is the installation of new brain PARTS. Quite literally. Let’s complete our focus on the S in PARTS:  Sustain new learning. Last week we looked at the benefits of socializing new learning. Let’s look at another powerful way to sustain new learning: Seeing it!

Can you see it?

Our brain processes images 60,000 times faster than words! And 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual. So why not tap into your brain’s preference for visual cues, to accelerate how quickly you learn desired skills and behaviors.

Thanks to neuroplasticity, our brain has the ability to rewire itself based on what we pay attention to each day.  The act of creatively visualizing what we want to be better at, can have almost the same effect on our neural pathways, as doing the actual physical task or movement.  Our brain doesn’t discern between an imagined event or the real thing, when we are regularly using creative visualization.  An example, tennis player Andre Agassi, said of his 1992 Wimbledon championship that his win was a ‘déjà vu experience’ for him because he’d been imagining it ever since he was a boy.

4 tips to leverage the power of creative visualization to see and therefore sustain new skills and learning:

  1. Take regular breaks: A rested brain state makes it easier to fire up our imagination.
  2. Frequency is key: Just like working our physical muscles, it’s best to engage in creative visualization regularly, and for short focused periods of time.
  3. Senses make it stick: Focus on what you can see, smell, taste, hear, and touch to further strengthen your neural circuitry for success.
  4. Picture it – everywhere: Use sticky notes, white boards, screen savers, and even your mobile device. The idea is to remind yourself often each day to imagine and experience mentally and emotionally, your end goal.


See how easy this can be!