Monday morning.

Do those two words inspire optimism or fill you with dread?

Most of us land somewhere in the middle. We go into work with good intentions of doing our best, being productive and connecting with team members.

But somewhere along the way we either check out – hello, Facebook! – or we’re too busy running around, careening from one task to the next, playing catch up, putting out fires. Those aren’t the best or most enjoyable ways to work, let alone lead.

Finding a bright spot can sometimes be difficult, and not surprisingly. Our brain has five times the brain circuitry dedicated to picking up and processing negative information than it does for processing positive.

Sometimes, you just need a little help, an encouraging word along the way. In fact, when we receive positive feedback, encouragement or inspiration, we feel safe, valued and engaged, making it much easier to get work done.

That’s why we’ve created “Neuro Nudges” – weekly reminders that your brain loves. They help you to focus on your goals, be more productive, improve communication and connection, and create a more engaged work environment.

Neuro Nudges are short tips that act as friendly reminders for you and your team to do each week. Things like:

We are more accountable to goals if we share them. How many people have you told? Who else can you tell?


People make up the things they don’t know! How well are you communicating clearly and in different ways?

We know the brain loves checking things off lists, taking action each day and learning from new experiences and information. The right type of actions help build new wiring that “nudge” you closer to your goals, no matter how big or small.

If you’ve taken our Your Brain on Safety online course, you’re already receiving weekly Neuro Nudges delivered directly to your inbox every Sunday – mentally preparing you for Monday morning. But we also post our weekly Neuro Nudges on Instagram, so anyone can benefit from them. If you don’t follow us already, here’s a good reason to! Your brain will thank you…  

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